Pulling Back the Sheets on a Boudoir Session – A Look Back At Our 2018 Valentine’s Day Sessions

We recently wrapped our Valentine's Day Boudoir Mini Sessions and had the pleasure to work with some truly amazing women. We captured some breathtaking images, challenged ourselves to use one set to create dynamically unique images for each session, and learned some amazing things about women and love in the process. In this post, we are pulling back the metaphorical sheets and letting you in on some interesting facts and juicy secrets about boudoir photography. Here are a few insights that came to shining light in our sessions that aren't just helpful for boudoir photography but can be helpful in everyday life.

Tifa Tittlywinks as Jessica RabbitRed is a Power Color

We are so lucky to have the chance to work with women from all walks of life. During our Valentine's Mini Sessions, we worked with teachers, accountants, HR Directors, professional dancers, healthcare workers, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, and business executives. Each woman was beautiful and unique in her own way with one exception. No matter their differences, EVERY woman became emboldened when wearing RED. There is something about that color, whether it be red lipstick, a red dress or red lingerie, that exudes power, strength and confidence. If you need a surge of confidence for an upcoming shoot, or a big meeting, think about embracing the power of red.

Sexy Has Many Faces

Each woman brings her own look and attitude to her boudoir session. When you give each woman a chance to be herself, rather than shooting the exact same poses or same looks for every session, you get to see the concept of "sexy" and "sex appeal" come to life in so many ways. We talked in depth about this in our recent blog on the femme fatale. From subtle, light and airy sexy, to raw, animalistic sexy, there is no wrong way to embrace your inner sex appeal. We were so lucky to see women come to life in front of the camera and share an intimate view of what makes them feel sexy. Feeling sexy does not have to be limited to the bedroom or to a boudoir photoshoot. Women deserve to feel sexy and connect with their own brand of sex appeal every day.

Boudoir is not all about the bed

When most people think of boudoir, they think about lingerie and they envision a bed

. What we found in these sessions was that some of the sexiest, most amazing images were not anywhere near the bed. The idea of intimacy in boudoir photography can be captured through poses, facial expressions and carefully crafted composition. If the idea of the bed is unnerving, don't let that stop you from thinking boudoir can be for you. Truth be told, some of our favorite images were of the woman standing strong daring the camera to look at them, or admiring themselves in the mirror. When you are getting ready for a boudoir shoot - or getting ready for everyday life - remember to see yourself with confidence and admire the person you are right now. The confidence of feeling good in your skin works in the bedroom but it also benefits you in the boardroom too!

Self-Love is the most important love of all

We were pleasantly surprised and thrilled by how many women who signed up for a Valentine's Day session were single. We constantly tell our clients that the best reason to schedule a shoot is for yourself. For Valentine's Day, we were surrounded by confident, independent women who bought a session to invest in and indulge in themselves. Several of the women who were married or in longtime relationships had also invested because they wanted to see themselves in a new light. The thing that stood out across every session was that there is an unshakable confidence that comes from loving yourself and putting yourself first. Every women, whether she is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or a real estate broker, has flaws. Every woman has an area of her body that she loves and an area that she would like to improve. When you love yourself, despite those little flaws that no one else notices, there is nothing you cannot do! When you are thinking about booking a boudoir session, focus on what makes you wonderful and you will have an experience to remember for a lifetime. Only when you love yourself first, can you truly love someone else.

This Valentine's Day, we spent the holiday season with some amazing women and fell in love with their amazing stories. Each woman inspired us in new ways and challenged us to create something beautiful together. Here are a few more amazing images from our sessions:

What makes our work so rewarding is the positive feedback we get from our clients, not just on the images but on the experience. It's important to leave a boudoir session feeling great about yourself, feeling great in your own skin, and feeling confident. We should all feel that way about ourselves every single day. When we pull back our sheets in the morning to greet the day, we should all do it with confidence. Seize the day!

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