The Art of Seduction Through Style – The Style Report by Kari Schoeffler

Boudoir images can be soft and sweet.
Boudoir images can be soft and sweet.


In my humble opinion, no one describes the enchanting capability of the femme fatale better than Alice Munro.
“To be a femme fatale you don't have to be slinky and sensuous and disastrously beautiful, you just have to have the will to disturb.”

Any woman has the capability to tap into her inner femme fatale and connect with her sex appeal. That’s what is so empowering and exciting about style and glamour photography. In a creative space, every woman has the opportunity to tap into her confidence, her sex appeal, her sensuality, and to let her inner sex kitten meow!

During a photo shoot, you can remove your inhibitions and put on that daring outfit and step into someone else’s shoes for a moment. To prepare for your foray into the world of the femme fatale, let’s take a look at how style and sex appeal go hand in hand.

Oozing Sex Appeal

Some women are born with an innate ability to draw all the attention with their sensuality and sex appeal. My mom has a unique way of talking about a femme fatale: “she’s gonna stop traffic, cause wrecks and kill people!”

Femme Fatale - The Devastating Beauty
Photography by Jeremy Pierson.

Women who encapsulate raw sex appeal walk into a room and heads turn, men and women alike twisting in their seats to catch another glimpse. Please do not confuse sex appeal with having a fit and slender body. Some women with the most ample, devastating and delicious curves can outshine a beautiful straight-size model any day, especially when they wear their clothes with confidence and glide their bodies with pride. Oozing sex appeal is all about choosing garments that enhance and embrace your silhouette. Choosing fabrics that hug in all the right places and feel good to the touch are the cornerstones of oozing sex appeal and as Beyonce says “feeling yourself”. Let’s deep dive into a few style icons to help you select the right fashions to prepare you for your shoot and ramp up your sex appeal. Which of the following 4 archetypes best suits your unique vision of sex appeal?

The Coquette

Classic Boudoir and Lingerie #2. Photography by Jeremy Pierson. Featuring Cici LaCirque.
Photography by Jeremy Pierson. Featuring Cici LaCirque.

The Coquette is all about refined, subtle sensuality and flirty charm. She will smile wickedly, bat her eyelashes, and smother you with her kindness and affection. The Coquette wields her power through her ability to appear innocent and has been known to manipulate to get what she wants. The art of dressing for the Coquette is all romance as she loves lace, cotton, eyelet, tulle and silk. The Coquette often infuses her look with a hint of youthful exuberance, especially with her makeup, painting herself with a soft pink lip and a full blush for that ingenue flush. For the Coquette, her hair might be carefully styles into a soft up-do, or plaited into sleek braids, or tapping into her innate sensuality with full undone hair. She may wear nostalgic Mary Jane's or go barefoot so she can feel the grass beneath her feet. The Coquette may be subtle, but she understands the art of highlighting a particular body part be it the exposed shoulder, décolletage or the nape of the neck. The Coquette airs on the simpler side with jewelry like slender gold necklaces and delicate bracelets, indulging only in pearls. Don’t let the Coquette’s persona of projected innocence fool you. It might be easy to assume that the Coquette is harmless, but her charms will get you every time. So, does the Coquette sound like you?

The Vamp

Glamour photography sample by Remy Saint Photography. Photo by Jeremy Pierson. Featuring Sivene DeLynn.
Photo by Jeremy Pierson. Featuring Sivene DeLynn.

The Vamp is a classic character type known as the beauty who uses her feminine wiles to get whatever she wants. She is a powerful force, full of confidence and a hearty dose of drama. The Vamp is not known for subtlety when it comes to glamour. She loves bold red lips, full, shiny hair, and eyeliner so razor sharp it could slit your throat. She luxuriates in rich fabrics like satin and velvet and loves bold prints, especially leopard. The Vamp is particularly well-versed in the art of dazzle and knows that diamonds (and rhinestones) are a girl’s best friend. She's got a bit of a showgirl in her spirit and will wear sequins and feathers when it's appropriate and enjoys the shock and awe of a thigh high slit. She’s not afraid to wear an elbow length glove and will whip it off and slap you with it if you get out of line. She wears her heels high and she walks with her head held high even in the face of the most adversity. The Vamp has an air of mystery about her, and that mystery plus her confident femininity can be devastating. So, are you a Vamp?

The Warrior

Glamour photography example. Photo by Jeremy Pierson. Featuring Mars Capone.
Photo by Jeremy Pierson. Featuring Mars Capone.

The Warrior is all about female empowerment and her sex appeal comes from her strength and her cunning. She’s the badass heroine in your favorite television show or book. She’s the woman who defies the odds and rises up to face her enemies. She’s the woman who refuses to be a damsel in distress. Her bravery against those who would try to destroy her is echoed in the garments she selects. The Warrior loves leathers and latex and suede and wears her clothes like a second skin. She uses metals both in her weaponry and in her accessories, adorning herself with metal chains and spikes. The Warrior might wear a stiletto heel because it can double as a weapon, but she is more likely to wear tall boots or thigh highs. The Warrior often plays up her eyes, which are the windows to the soul, wearing heavy eyeliner and smokey eyes. The Warrior often pulls her hair off her face, so it’s not in her way, with high ponytails, sleek braids, and even a faux hawk if the mood strikes. The Warrior has a fierce femininity that can strike fear but definitely strikes awe and admiration. So, the question is, do you see yourself as a Warrior?

The Jester

Femme Fatale - The Jester - The Fashion Maverick
Photography by Jeremy Pierson.

The Jester brings a sense of humor and joviality to everything she does. Her confidence comes from her comedic timing and her ability to roll with any situation with grace under pressure and a hearty laugh. The Jester understands that sexuality and sensuality can be funny and uses humor to connect with people. She also uses her humor to disarm others which makes her someone you should never underestimate. The Jester infuses her fashions with a sense of humor and delight. She is not afraid a mixing colors and patterns like stripes and flowers. She will mix menswear and womenswear together to create an outfit that’s uniquely her. The Jester enjoys the glam process and dares to wear a bold, bright lip, or layers of color with her eye shadow. The Jester plays with her hair style as well and might go for a big 1960’s backcombed look or a brightly colored wig to suit her fancy. She’s not afraid to wear attention-grabbing jewelry like statement necklaces and chunky cocktail rings. Perhaps a big faux fur jacket? The Jester says yes, absolutely! She’ll rock a vintage dress with modern bohemian hair and a pair of futuristic shoes and look sensational doing it. The Jester has fun with fashion and is not afraid of risks. Are you ready to have fun with fashion and be the Jester?


There is no wrong answer, nor are there only 4 types of femme fatales. Each woman has the power to create her own character, to become her own vixen, and to growl on her own terms. When you are preparing for your shoot, think about some of the amazing women throughout history, or your favorite book, movie or television characters. By thinking about those people and characters you admire most, you can find out what look resonates best for you. If it feels right, you will look great and feel confident. Even when you are dressing up for a shoot and playing a character, your comfort and confidence will make for the best pictures and the best experience. Our goal is to create an amazing, positive and confidence-building experience for all our clients. We want you to not only leave the session with great photos you’ll have for a lifetime, but an empowering experience that stays with you.

If you’d like to learn more about the 4 Femme Fatales, or be interested in more information on styling for your shoot, feel free to reach out. I love helping people tap into the different sides of their personalities and enjoying the joy that is fashion! We cannot wait to work with you.

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About the Stylist

Kari Schoeffler is the owner of DEEPFOTO, a photography, video and media production house in Houston, Texas, and also the owner of Schoeffler Communications. As a Brand Strategist, Public Relations Consultant, Stylist and Producer, she has worked with corporate clients as well as arts and entertainment clients to launch and build successful brands. She focuses on helping people and companies find their signature look, messaging, and brand strategy all with the goal of a clear and marketable professional identity. Whether working with a Fortune 500 company or an up and coming artist, she brings passion and commitment to every project. You can reach her directly at 832-785-9304, via email at or learn more at and

All photos by Jeremy Pierson. Used with permission.

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