The Top 5 Myths About Boudoir Photography – Style Report by Kari Schoeffler

Boudoir photography is an incredibly intimate and personal experience that can be daunting. Boudoir photography does not have to be intimidating or scary. It can also give you a bold opportunity to appreciate your own body and to see yourself in a whole new way. Boudoir photography has the ability to empower and embolden a woman, and to instill confidence that carries well beyond the boudoir, into the boardroom, and into day-to-day life.

Standing in Your Underwear

Model AJ - Angel Wings Valentine's Mini Session
Boudoir Photography Can Help You Soar

When’s the last time you let someone see you in just your underwear? Was it a lover or a spouse? Perhaps a massage therapist or doctor? Now imagine that the person seeing you in your skivvies is someone you barely know and they are holding a camera to document the moment. For many people, that idea can be downright frightening.

What makes the idea of stripping down to ‘something a little more comfortable’ feel so uncomfortable when it comes to photography? There are a few long standing myths that seem to stop ladies from booking a session.

Let’s debunk the Top 5 myths about boudoir photography and take away some of the mystery of the boudoir.

Boudoir Myth #1. I Need to Lose Ten More Pounds

Boudoir Mini Sessions - Burlesque Performer and Model
Embrace Your Curves, Embrace What Makes YOU Beautiful

We live in a world where diet and exercise advertising is everywhere. It’s on the tv, social media, bus stops, on billboards, EVERYWHERE. The concept of the perfect body can lead us on a path of constant self-scrutiny and self-defeating comparison to others. One of the biggest myths about boudoir photography is that it is only for women with “perfect”, thin, fit bodies. That could not be further from the truth. Women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones can look absolutely breathtaking in boudoir photography. Whether you are long and lean or petite and curvy, there are poses and props and looks that will help every woman look like a wonder woman. Even though boudoir is often about wearing “less” clothing, styling can be a great asset for any shoot. The right bra and panty set will suit your shape and highlight your attributes. A strategically placed satin robe can redirect the attention on the body parts you’d like to celebrate. It’s not about losing weight to book a shoot. Boudoir photography is not only for the thin and fit. It’s for everyone who wants to love the skin they are in.

Boudoir Myth #2. Are You Just Trying To Get Me Naked?

Boudoir Session - Subtle Glamour for the Sophisticated Woman
Each Client Determines Their Own Level of Comfort and Exposure

Many people think that Boudoir photography is synonymous for nude photography. A quality boudoir photographer creates a comfortable and collaborative environment for his or her client and lets the client guide their level of undress. In most of the boudoir sessions I have styled, the women are wearing more clothing than they might wear to the pool or beach. With robes and lingerie and thigh highs and high heels, the ladies often find that the only skin showing includes their beautiful faces, their graceful necks and a whisper of delicate decolletage. If you feel comfortable with full nudity, the right photographer will help you present your body in a beautiful way, all while showing you full respect in the process. The human body is beautiful in all its curves and lines and splendor. Boudoir photography allows you to present as much or as little of your body as you feel comfortable doing. Boudoir photography truly puts the control in the hands of the client, and she gets to decide how much she is willing to show and showcase for the camera.

Boudoir Myth #3. Nobody Wants To See Someone Over 23 in Lingerie

Boudoir Session - Highlighting Glamour for the Mature, Sophisticated Woman
With Maturity Comes Grace and Beauty With Solid Confidence

In that quest of unattainable perfection, youth is often championed as the ultimate reflection of beauty. Again, if we look at advertising and marketing, so many of the images reflect poreless, wrinkle-less youth selling us everything from blue jeans to anti-wrinkle creams. Although youth has its virtues, with age comes a refinement and grace, an acceptance and often appreciation of your body, and an understanding of what you want out of life. There is an innate confidence that only comes with really living life. I sincerely believe that women improve with age, not unlike a fine wine. Styling can be a wonderful resource, particularly for those clients who have a little life experience under their belts. Quality make-up application will sit on the skin without sinking into laugh lines and smile lines. A great hair stylist can help to smooth even the most stubborn of wiry hair and create beautiful coils that show-off your bone structure. The right colors and textures in your clothing or your lingerie will compliment your complexion, highlight your best attributes, and just feel good on the skin. Whether you are 22 or 72, boudoir photography can be a truly eye-opening and beautiful experience captured in images that last a lifetime.

Boudoir Myth #4. Lingerie is For Victoria’s Secret Models

Burlesque Performer, Instructor and Dancer Tifa Tittlywinks
Feeling Sexy Does Not Mean Being Undressed

You might automatically think about lacy lingerie and strappy bras and panties when you think about boudoir photography. The idea of buying sexy lingerie, which can be pricey and can push you outside your comfort zone, often stops women from thinking boudoir photography is for them. Good boudoir photography is a collaboration between the photographer and his or her client. It’s a personal experience that allows each client’s personality and personal preference to shine. I love working with clients that are not into traditional satin and lace and finding unique looks for boudoir shoots. An unbuttoned white blouse and a killer pair of heels can make for a dynamic and power-packed image. An evening gown that has been unzipped and reveals the skin of a lovely back can be breathtaking. On one of my most recent collaborations, we used a soft, cotton sheet and a bubbling glass of champagne and created a jaw-dropping photograph. A great boudoir experience will be all about you, what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel special. Don’t let lingerie stand in your way.

Boudoir Myth #5. I Do Not Have a Significant Other

Burlesque Performer, Professional Dancer and Model Dahlia Derringer
Why Wait For A Significant Other When You Can Play Dress-Up For Yourself?

There’s a longstanding myth that you can only book a boudoir session if you plan to give the photographs to someone else. What better gift can you give yourself than a phenomenal and personal experience, that captures the raw, intimate beauty of you, in photos that will last a lifetime? The vast majority of our boudoir, glamour, and pinup shoots are for women who are doing this solely as a gift to herself. We live hectic lives, and women often forget to take care of themselves. With a boudoir shoot, each component is completely focused on you. Taking the time to work with a stylist, ensures that you will have the garments that make you look your best. Having professional hair and makeup done for the shoot provides the extra level of pampering and personal attention you deserve. Choosing to work with a creative photographer will ensure that he or she captures images that give you great pride and deliver an overall positive and empowering experience. The gift of boudoir photography is truly special, but that special gift is not exclusive for significant others or spouses. It’s important to give yourself a gift from time to time. What better gift than the gift of you?

Let Your Goddess Shine

Boudoir Basics - Lingerie and Confidence
Every Woman Has a Goddess Within

Now that we have debunked the top 5 myths about boudoir, only one question remains. When are you going to book your session? A professional boudoir photographer will make sure that you don’t just love the final images, you love the overall experience. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, and sexy on her own terms. Every woman has an inner goddess, femme fatale, vixen, or sex kitten just waiting to come out and purr! Boudoir sessions offer a chance to indulge in all that makes you strong, sensual and confident. I hope that these insights can open your eyes to the possibility of boudoir photography and give you the confidence to take the plunge.

Added bonus: since you’ll be all glammed up after your shoot, why not plan an evening out afterwards to celebrate? Or better yet, book a session with a few of your besties and you can all go out afterwards together!

Remy Saint Photography Valentine's Special Glamour, Boudoir, Pin-Up - Mini Sessions
Remy Saint Photography Valentine’s Special Glamour, Boudoir, Pin-Up – Mini Sessions

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About the Stylist

Kari Schoeffler is the owner of DEEPFOTO, a photography, video and media production house in Houston, Texas, and also the owner of Schoeffler Communications. As a Brand Strategist, Public Relations Consultant, Stylist and Producer, she has worked with corporate clients as well as arts and entertainment clients to launch and build successful brands. She focuses on helping people and companies find their signature look, messaging, and brand strategy all with the goal of a clear and marketable professional identity. Whether working with a Fortune 500 company or an up and coming artist, she brings passion and commitment to every project. You can reach her directly at 832-785-9304, via email at or learn more at and

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  1. Remy Saint and Kari Schoeffler are phenomenal!! Love Remy Saint’s photography and Kari Schoeffler’s article! Spot on. The words you write Kari are so true to who you are which makes your words so valuable. U rocked it!!!! You and Remy Saint are both remarkably talented! I applaud both of your incredible talents! Great work!!

    1. Thank you Trude for your positive feedback on the blog and your continued support of our work. It truly means so much to us all!

  2. This article is spot on! I hope this helps enlighten and motivate more humans to have this experience. I feel a session truly helps us connect with a part of ourselves we often deny or shun. Let’s let it out and let it shine people!!!

    1. Thank you Leah for your positive feedback and words of encouragement. I completely agree that we all deserve a chance to connect with a part of ourselves that we hide or shy away from in our day to day lives. Very well said.

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