Burlesque and Cosplay Sessions

Many little girls and boys grow up playing dress-up, creating make believe characters, and indulging in fantasy. For those of us who have kept that passion for play, Burlesque and Cosplay allow us the freedom to create amazing looks and characters and enjoy a life more magical than our own. We love working with entertainers, performers and players who have fun with the fantasy and want to immortalize their characters in photos to last a lifetime. The costumes often take 100’s of hours to build, fashion, sew and create. It is important to properly capture them and immortalize these looks. We respect the artistry that goes into bringing a character to life. We love helping cosplayers, costumers and burlesque performers to not just capture their creations in photographs, but capture their characters’ personalities. It is amazing what happens when someone steps into a costume they have created, or a character they love. Even the most shy and quiet person can transform into a bold and bodacious superhero. We never get tired of seeing that transformation and helping immortalize those moments in photographs. Bring out your feather plumes and capes, your sky-high boots or your warrior armor, and anything and everything shiny and contact us today to capture your passion for play. Check out some of the amazing performers and players we have had the pleasure to photograph. Aren’t they jaw-droppingly amazing? We sure think so!