Meet the Team

Confession... There is no actual person named "Remy Saint". Well, at least not in our studio. "Remy Saint" is a concept, and Remy Saint is a collaboration between two great artists, each bringing an important but uniquely different perspective to our work. These two artists are our lead photographer, Jeremy, and our lead stylist, Kari. And that concept is to bring high-end yet affordable glamour and creative portraiture to the masses. You can learn more about each of them in the links below.

We also work with a roster of amazing and talented hair and makeup artists, and a network of clothing boutiques and salons. We'll be providing more information and links to them soon!

Jeremy Pierson

Lead Photographer /
Creative Director

Jeremy Pierson is a published fashion, editorial, advertising and portrait photographer. You can see more of his work online at

Kari Schoeffler

Producer /
Stylist / Model Coach

Kari Schoeffler is an experienced corporate public relations manager, brand strategist, and personal stylist. Her personal experience as a model is also a tremendous benefit to our clients. Click above to learn more.