Headshots, images for advertising, images for your website, images for ALL of your marketing and promotional needs! Our personal branding sessions are designed specifically to create a diverse set of professional images that can be used in a multitude of ways and will showcase the different facets of you as an individual, and you as a professional. We offer these sessions in three packages, for varying needs:

Advertising and Promotional Sessions – starting at $1500

These sessions are typically from two to four hours in length, include professional hair and makeup (for one person), and are designed to create a diverse set of images with anywhere from four to seven different looks, including headshots, three-quarter shots, full-body shots, casual, formal, lifestyle, creating a broad range of images and looks. These images are created specifically towards the purposes of establishing your brand identity, and also have a composition that allows for adding text, logos, and other messaging in a way that the image and the messaging do not compete for attention. These sets include a minimum of 10 fully retouched images, and also include four advertising/promotional design concepts.

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Editorial Sessions – starting at $750

Our editorial sessions are sessions that tell a sort of story, or have a consistent theme that runs through the entire session. These are typically used for publications, but they are also great for special features on your blog, fleshing out particular content on your website, or putting together an actual print publication, such as a brochure or look book. Depending on the type of shoot, professional hair and makeup may or may not be brought in, though it often is. As with most published editorials, these sessions start with seven images, though additional images may be required. Editorial sessions typically are shot within a single physical location, though multiple lighting setups and different thematic looks may be possible within a particular location.

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Micro Sessions – starting at $350

Our micro-sessions are one-hour sessions that will yield a set of 20 or more professional images with one or two outfit changes, and one location and lighting setup. These sessions are intended for those seeking to create new content on a consistent schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and each session focuses on a new topic or theme. These are professional photo shoots, with professional lighting and a professional look, but they are intended to have a more casual look, and not the highly polished look of advertising and editorial photography (as you can explore below).

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